Weekend Wars

Band shoots are always great fun. Maybe it because you've got the whole session to come up with just a few photographs, so you can tweak everything until it's perfect. Maybe it's because the band tends to be a pretty tight unit and have some good banter! Whatever the reasons, when you get to add a location like Millarochy Bay and a sneaky wee BBQ on the beach between shots it all adds up to a good night out!

The Weekend Wars are a new act on the Glasgow music scene, but having just played their debut gig in King Tut's I've a wee feeling that it's not going to be long until you hear a lot more about them. 

the Weekend Wars

The internet is awash with photographs of bands looking moody in dark, grungy alleys, so I wanted to do something a little different. We took some "safe" shots in the woods behind Balmaha before heading down to Millarochy, then I set to work arranging a something slightly more ambitious while the lads tended the burgers. The light came good before the sausages did, which meant some extra crispy food once we'd finished shooting but hey, it was worth cremating the last half of dinner for the shots we got!

Walkin' on water at Millarochy

the set-up

the set-up

Big thanks to Robbie Black for helping with the lighting! There are some places that light stands just aren't reliable enough to keep your kit safe and dry….

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Connor in the forest

I was down in Kendal at the weekend, just a flying visit to take in a film with some friends (wish I'd had time to catch up with more people)... A long way to watch a dvd perhaps, but we'd set up a projector and screen in the forest above town and watched Defiance after the sun went down: a WWII film about a group of Jews that hid from the Germans in the forest for several years. It was a pretty cool way to spend a night! On sunday I went back to the forest with Ivan and Lucy and their new son Connor to take some family portraits... 

The little fella was a wee legend, very patiently posing with his mum and dad, then his gran and grampa, and we came away with some pretty cool photos. We'd got his modelling skills up to speed in the house before we left, so by the time we got out under the trees he was like an old hand. 

Here's a wee sneaky preview of the photos while process the rest of them!