Connor in the forest

I was down in Kendal at the weekend, just a flying visit to take in a film with some friends (wish I'd had time to catch up with more people)... A long way to watch a dvd perhaps, but we'd set up a projector and screen in the forest above town and watched Defiance after the sun went down: a WWII film about a group of Jews that hid from the Germans in the forest for several years. It was a pretty cool way to spend a night! On sunday I went back to the forest with Ivan and Lucy and their new son Connor to take some family portraits... 

The little fella was a wee legend, very patiently posing with his mum and dad, then his gran and grampa, and we came away with some pretty cool photos. We'd got his modelling skills up to speed in the house before we left, so by the time we got out under the trees he was like an old hand. 

Here's a wee sneaky preview of the photos while process the rest of them!