Shelter from the Storm print

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Shelter from the Storm print

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Storm Desmond hit the UK over the weekend, bringing with it lots of water. I was up in Sutherland at the end of last week and decided to cut my losses and head home early as the weather turned from merely being bad to being downright epic. 

On the way past Loch Stack I saw a huge whirlwind tearing the water from the surface of the loch and lifting it into the air - I've never seen anything quite like it! I reversed into the layby at the end of the loch and set up the camera on the tripod in the bay in the back of the van, framing the shot through the side window... When a particularly violent gust went past, heading directly towards the loch, I popped the door open for a second and hoped for the best. A few seconds later the tiny lull after the gust was gone and the wind whipped the rain back into the open door, soaking the front of the camera. I only got a couple shots off, but this one worked.

A few people have asked for prints, so here it is! Framed prints can be arranged upon request. Send me a wee email and I'll get right on it.

Prints are produced on archival matte paper using the very finest pigment based inks, ensuring the best possible quality.

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Prints are made on archival matte photo paper with the finest pigment based inks, ensuring excellent colour rendition and longevity. If you wish alternative sizes to those on offer, please contact me for a quote and delivery time.