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Shelter from the Storm print

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In all the time I spent researching locations and photographing Scotland for the guidebook, this moment stands out as one of the most dramatic and memorable. I had been working along the north coast of Scotland in December 2015, in increasingly poor conditions. As Storm Desmond arrived, I decided enough was enough and started to drive home. 

Passing Loch Stack in Sutherland, I saw the wind rip a huge water spout from the surface of the loch - it was incredible to watch. The wind was so powerful that I literally couldn't stand outside the van, but I managed to get a couple of shots over the course of a half hour before continuing home. 

This image now features as the cover of the Photographing Scotland guidebook, and has appeared around the world in publications and websites, showing Scotland at its most elementally beautiful.

All the photographs on display at the Drygate were taken while writing the Photographing Scotland guidebook. For more information on the book, click here.