Ruth and Scott on the Tall Ship

I don't often blog weddings (much to the despair of some of my colleagues), but I thought that I'd share a few photographs from yesterday's wedding on the Tall Ship in Glasgow.

Ruth is one of my oldest and closest friends and it's always very gratifying when a friend asks you to take their wedding photographs. Heck, it's gratifying when anyone chooses you over the legions of wedding photographers out there, but being alongside someone you've known for 15 years as they walk down the aisle is pretty special. The Tall Ship is a pretty special venue too, and with Ruth's grandfather being a member of the crew that brought her home it meant much more to the family than just being a quirky place to tie the knot.

Ruth and Scott are off on their honeymoon to Thailand today, so I've got plenty of time to get their photographs processed up for them, in the mean time this wee collection will give you a taste of the day: how happy Ruth and Scott were, how stunning the venue is, and just how incredibly lucky they got with the weather. It's really just a handful of shots that caught my eye as I imported the files from the cards, but I hope you enjoy them. 

Big thanks to Johnny for helping with the lighting in the pouring rain, was well worth it lad!