Alladale Retreat

Located in the heart of Sutherland, the Alladale Wilderness Reserve offers 100 square kilometres of mountains, forests and rivers, to explore and photograph. Well off the beaten tourist path, it is the perfect base for us to enjoy a little seclusion away from the madding crowds; to slow down and get to know a unique landscape intimately. I will offer non-intrusive guidance and tuition to those that want it throughout the Retreat, or you are perfectly welcome to simply concentrate on discovering the place for yourself.

Two retreats are on offer, one at four days and the other five days, each with the option of bringing a non-participating partner to enjoy the luxurious facilities of the estate while we venture out with our cameras.

The Alladale Lodge will be our base during our stay, with beautiful Victorian style and an incredible outlook. The estate’s chef will provide our meals and those not taking part in the photography side of the retreat are welcome to make the most of the sauna, gym or even the billiard room should they tire of walking the grounds. 

Our exact schedule will be fairly flexible, to allow us to adapt to the weather conditions and make the most of what should be some beautiful autumnal colour. The bulk of the time will be spent on the estate, with one day (potentially two on the 4 night retreat) spent further afield. 


  • 3 nights: Sunday 7th to Wednesday 10th October 2018
  • 4 nights: Wednesday 10th to Sunday 14th October 2018


  • 3 nights: £1,000 for attendees, £500 for non-photographing partners
  • 4 nights: £1250 for attendees, £600 for non-photographing partners

Click through to the Alladale website to reserve your place at what promises to be a very special event, or for more information about the estate and their conservation work.